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We Passed Muster Again!

For the third consecutive time since opening, we have received certification of our Surgery Center and Clinic by Medicare and the American Association of Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery Facilities (AAAASF). This is not a small feat. Many large, heavily staffed surgery centers falter and many deficiencies are found by the surveyors, requiring sometimes major, hugely expensive, changes to the physical makeup of the ASC to be made before a re-inspection will be performed.

We passed the first part, the on-site Life Safety Inspection in under two hours (the inspecting engineer was wowed by our facilities – “like new”). The actual Medicare / AAAASF survey was an all-day affair, with deep deep records review, inspection of our operating manuals, and interviews with the staff. A white glove walkaround. And then: (gulp!!) both surveyors watched me and my staff operate on patients all day. It was fun, surprisingly. The doctors selected to be Medicare / AAAASF surveyors are fellow surgeons, and their personalties were professional but positive and pleasant.

We passed the Medicare inspection on the first try too. For the third time in seven years. To be accurate, the surveyors at the end stipulated that we change the language in a couple of documents in our manuals. But they too were highly complimentary of our operations, our staff, and our facility.

I am grateful to my staff for working tightly together on this very important part of Downey Plastic Surgery. Accreditation by Medicare is synonymous with a level of quality and safety that we believe our patients are entitled to.

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