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How Will DDD or E Cup Look Like After Breast Reduction to C Cup?

How does breast reduction influence bra size?  (from



Most colleague plastic surgeons will waffle on this seemingly simple question, myself included. I specifically state that the purpose of breast reduction is reduction in symptoms, such as chronic back neck and shoulder pain & rashes underneath the breasts, not a specific bra size.

The amount of breast tissue and excess skin taken away and their influence on bra size vary according to the tissue itself as well as the overall shape and dimension of the chest wall underneath the breasts.

As many patients will attest, the operation is generally quite successful in improving symptoms when they (the breasts) are the culprits involved in excess loading of the back neck and shoulders.

I usually reassure patients that purchasing bras “off the rack” will be easier after the operation even if they remain relatively full breasted.

Good luck in your pursuit of improved comfort and mobility!


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